Woodside is one of Australia’s biggest polluters and political donors.

They repeatedly put profits ahead of people and the planet.

Now they are standing in the way of meaningful action on climate change at a time when we need it most. Woodside does not have a credible plan to deal with their pollution and instead want to build one of the worlds most controversial new gas projects.

Woodside’s dodgy dealings

Woodside does not have a good track record in being honest to staff, shareholders, regulators or the general public. They can not be trusted to protect our environment.

Their political donations mean they influence State and Federal governments decisions. They have stopped plans to make the gas industry pay for their carbon emissions.

As one of Australia’s biggest polluters, Woodside can not be trusted to clean up after themselves. They currently plan to leave 400 tonnes of plastic on the seafloor after abandoning a project. Recently, Australian taxpayers footed a $200m clean up bill after Woodside sold the rusting floating platform to a dodgy company. This means that, despite consistently causing irreparable damage to marine ecosystems, Woodside are still trying to secure their social license by buying up community based initiatives like the Surf Life Saving Nippers.

Woodside cannot be trusted to look after their workers. They sacked one third of their workforce in 2020 despite the fossil fuel industry receiving over $12 billion in subsidies a year. They have made hundreds more employees redundant during 2021 and underpaid thousands of workers’ superannuation for years. They rolled out one of the worst rosters in the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. They ignored concerns from the unions about the mental health of workers.

The IPCC’s 6th Report in August 2021 was clear – The ‘unprecedented’ changes to our climate are ‘unequivocally’ the result of human activities. But our white haired, pocket-lining old man government have said there is ‘zero’ chance of supporting a net-zero commitment, while Woodside push ahead with a $12 billion LNG project we neither want nor need.

Woodside was behind an oil spill that lasted for two months that the Australian regulator kept secret. The revelation of Woodside’s spill came two days after it won an “environment excellence award” from the peak oil and gas lobby for the second year running.

Where is Woodside operating?

Woodside are involved in some of the world’s most controversial and climate-wrecking oil and gas projects.

The Scarborough project

Woodside’s Scarborough project puts cultural heritage sites and precious marine life at risk. The mega gas project off the North West coast of Western Australia will increase National gas emissions by 10%.

At a time when the world is working to reduce emissions and tackling climate change, they want to launch this climate-wrecking project. They are not being honest to shareholders or investors about the risks involved.

In the 1980’s Woodside destroyed 5000 pieces of important Aboriginal Rock Art when constructing the Karratha gas plant. Their activities on the Burrup Peninsula continue to damage important Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites. This damage is putting the World Heritage application for the area at risk.


Paying just $492.7 million tax on an income of $10.3 billion, an income tax rate of only 4.8%.


They cut 1,200 workers, or one-third of their workforce, in 2020.


The amount they have donated to political parties the past 12 months.

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